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I have worked in an extensive and eclectic range of industries in my life which translates to unique breadth and depth of life and vocational experience.


I do not pander to people, I thoroughly enjoy, and am nourished by, helping people to grow, better themselves and challenge their boundaries and perceptions with a view to living a happier, healthier more fulfilling existence.

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Interpersonal Interaction and Growth


There is, all to often, a conflation between unnecessary, malicious dispencing of offence, and that offence created by way of the sharing of ideas and opinions.


In the pursuit of being polite and/or politically correct, often we avoid speaking our truth, disallowing ourselves and those we engage with, the opportunity to challenge ones self perception and opinions.


In turn we hobble our ability to grow in understanding, and wisdom.


Honesty is not always comfortable, but it is necessary, it is valuable, and should never be avoided.