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Dot connecting, intuition, perceptiveness are all words that come close the to Eclectymmetry, however none of them truly embodies the phenomenon of finding symmetry within the eclectic.

Eclectymmetry (or eclectic symmetry) is to derive an idea, style, concept or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources by aligning the similarities or exact correspondence between different influences, factors and considerations.

The ability to find symmetry within the eclectic.

Eclectymmetry - A visual Representation
Visual Representation

Have you ever wanted to create a word? I just created a word and that word is, Da Dadada, Eclectymmetry! The thing is creating a word is easy but how do you get it recognised? How do you get it in the dictionary?

The simple answer is Lexicographers!

Lexicographers are people who specialise in the theory and practice of dictionary making. Their chosen profession is that of Lexicography. To find your nearest or most relevant lexicographer for your needs you will need to refer to the Wikipedia – List of lexicographers.

There are some great blogs and info on the web about how to get a word formally recognised or you can simply visit modern services like Urban Dictionary or if your word is more like slang you can use a service like The Online Slang Dictionary.