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Megabits or Megabytes Per Second

Megabits or Megabytes Per Second

So is it Megabits or Megabytes?

I have been perplexed for sometime as to why¬†and OOKLA’s¬†¬†presented such different results.

…8Mb/s sounds 8 times better than¬†1MB/s…

It seems that the reason for this is that Oz Broadband Speed Test works upon a result of Decimal megaBYTES per second 


where¬†OOKLA’s Speed Test works upon a result of Decimal¬†MEGABITS per second.

So what are Bits and Bytes?

Well in essence¬†Bits are¬†like an atom, the smallest unit of storage for digital data and¬†Bytes are a¬†groupings of 8 bits! It’s really that simple!

So why present different units measurement?

Well that answer has no definitive answer beyond what would appear to be marketing and the ease at which we the consumers can be bamboozled.

…so it’s all in the case of the b’s “b/B”¬†but unless they are side by side you would not even tell…

You see Megabits per second is¬†Mb/s¬†and Megabytes per second is¬†MB/s¬†so it’s all in the case of the b’s “b/B”¬†but unless they are side by side you would not even tell.

When it all boils down data is most commonly¬†rated in MB (Megabytes) and most commonly ISP’s rate their speed in Mb (Megabits), but why, oh why, oh why, not just use one unit of measurement?

Because 8Mb/s sounds 8 times better than 1MB/s.


Most people who sign up for high-speed internet are thinking ‚Äúmegabyte per second‚ÄĚ when they say ‚Äúmegs a second.‚ÄĚ As Ron Stauffer in the US states on his blog in relation to this matter “I think¬†there really is something dishonest about the way the telecom companies are treating this‚ÄĒthey‚Äôre counting on their customers to be ignorant, in order to sell their products at what¬†sounds like a better deal than that it really is!” and I agree. There is no good reason for ISP’s to clear this issue up because the confusion feeds their ability to baffle and bullshit the greatest majority of consumers.

Kudos to¬†Ron Stauffer¬†for his story on¬†Your Internet Speed Explained: Megabits vs. Megabytes. While we both stumbled upon the real meaning of¬†Megabits V’s¬†Megabytes on a tech call hopefully if you have stumbled upon this you can create you own story referencing Ron and this post and make it easier for people globally to break through the Carrier BS and find the truth that lies beneath in the world of internet provision.




Dot connecting, intuition, perceptiveness are all words that come close the to Eclectymmetry, however none of them truly embodies the phenomenon of finding symmetry within the eclectic.

Eclectymmetry (or eclectic symmetry) is to derive an idea, style, concept or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources by aligning the similarities or exact correspondence between different influences, factors and considerations.

The ability to find symmetry within the eclectic.

Eclectymmetry - A visual Representation
Visual Representation

Have you ever wanted to create a word? I just created a word and that word is, Da Dadada, Eclectymmetry! The thing is creating a word is easy but how do you get it recognised? How do you get it in the dictionary?

The simple answer is Lexicographers!

Lexicographers¬†are people who specialise in the theory and practice of dictionary making. Their chosen profession is that of Lexicography. To find your nearest or most relevant¬†lexicographer for your needs you will need to refer to the Wikipedia –¬†List of lexicographers.

There are some great blogs and info on the web about how to get a word formally recognised or you can simply visit modern services like Urban Dictionary or if your word is more like slang you can use a service like The Online Slang Dictionary.

A Parents Job

A Parents Job

A parents job is to do what they believe is right, to do it with love and to do it to the best of their ability. I have failed, I have floundered, I have stuffed up monumentally at times but what sets me apart from so much of the world is that I can own those mistakes allowing me to be open to the fact that what I think is right today, may just seem wrong tomorrow. Open your mind, accept you are vulnerable and start to grow today..